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Creating a better Africa and world through trade

Business Day 13 May 2021
“The main objectives in terms of foreign policy-making should be to expand regional, continental and African trade based on an informed understanding of the geopolitics of Africa; to develop a healthy consultative and practical relationship with SA’s research and corporate ...

Israeli-Palestinian clash rattles Trump Abraham Accords, Biden agenda

The Washington Times 13 May 2021
... his own foreign policy priorities such as climate change, the ...

Blaming envoys for the mess

Dawn 12 May 2021
His virtual address to Pakistani envoys serving in different world capitals last week not only exposed a limited understanding of diplomacy but also a disdain for the foreign service ... The prime minister appeared to be using his container approach in the realm of foreign policy ... We cannot have a voodoo foreign policy based on a bizarre worldview.

From Vietnam to Afghanistan: Another long goodbye?

MinnPost 12 May 2021
As the conflict dragged on, the post-World War II foreign policy consensus that guided United States foreign policy — the notion that foreign policy differences among parties and leaders stopped at the water’s edge — would largely disappear until 9/11.

Saudi foreign minister condemns Israel over Palestinian evictions, Al-Aqsa Mosque violations

Arab News 12 May 2021
Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister on Tuesday condemned Israel’s attempts to evict Palestinians from their homes ... The committee will communicate with members of the UN Security Council and other world powers to “urge them to take practical steps to stop the illegal Israeli policies and measures in Jerusalem.”.

Europeans Want to Denuclearize Korea: They Should Defend Themselves First

Antiwar 12 May 2021
Of course, the world would be a better place if the North did not possess nuclear weapons ... "We call on the DPRK to refrain from provocations and to commit to engaging in dialogue." The North’s foreign policy is built on and around provocations ... Foreign Policy in a Changed World and co-author of The Korean Conundrum.

Remembering Pete du Pont: An Ideological Heir to Reagan

The American Spectator 12 May 2021
No wonder Washington Post columnist George Will lauded du Pont’s “substance to blather ratio.” Du Pont was more hawkish than me on foreign policy, but that wasn’t my focus then, and the world still seemed in flux even though the Cold War was ebbing ... Afterwards du Pont remained active, writing frequently about policy issues.

The Realities of Changing Power in Asia Require a Fundamental Rethink in Australian Policies

Dissident Voice 11 May 2021
In the post-World ... China is by objective measurement the world’s largest economy and by the estimate of Australia’s own 2017 foreign policy White Paper will be close to double the size of the United States economy by 2030 ... It would mean, he says, a revolution in our foreign policy.

International aid is crucial to the UK’s ‘Global Britain’ ambitions

Open Democracy 11 May 2021
In March, UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab gave a speech on how a 'Global Britain' could be a 'force for good' ... As these cuts are being implemented, the UK has also published an Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy that outlines the government’s vision for the UK’s role in the world.

China Is Hot Again as Foreign Bond Buyers Yearn for Yield

Caixin Online 11 May 2021
Total foreign investment in China’s fixed-income market, including debt sold ... China’s bonds have been dancing to their own tune, in part because they are less owned by foreign investors, and China’s independent economic and policy cycles set them apart from the rest of the world.

Britain should invite Taiwan to the G7 and Cop26

The Times/The Sunday Times 11 May 2021
... important foreign policy pivot of this century, as it moves away from the EU and tries to carve out an independent place on the world stage.

The Dangers of the United States Ignoring Intra-Kurdish Dialogue in Syria

The Washington Institute 11 May 2021
foreign policy requires it to study or deal with all the countries of the world, using one approach or another. To develop comprehensive and precise knowledge of nearly every country, its history, contemporary situation, policies, and political parties adequately would require an information army larger than even the U.S.

It’s not enough to vote for an independence referendum, you need to campaign for it

Open Democracy 11 May 2021
The mother of parliaments’ claims to have parented parliamentary democracies around the world ... With the UK leaving the EU and the Scottish government seeking to return, this is a question of state for governments across Europe, and the world ... As is that amorphous thing, Scottish foreign policy.

10 Things in Politics: Biden cracks down on jobless benefits

Business Insider 11 May 2021
Sign up here to receive this newsletter ... Dr ... ET ... 1 ... 2 ... Foreign-policy watchers say the Biden administration's efforts to focus elsewhere in the world are becoming unsustainable as violence spreads. 3 ... 4 ... The World Health Organization's chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu, says the world is in danger as long as cases remain at "an unacceptably high plateau.".

GZERO VIDEO: Why 'America first' means 'America involved'

Straits Times 10 May 2021
The two discuss the tension over costs and benefits of the US occupying a prominent role in global foreign policy. This episode is being aired as President Joe Biden's administration completes 100 days in office during which several significant foreign policy moves were made.